Halo Vs Solitaire Ring

We are often asked, “which is better, the halo or solitaire engagement ring? While this does usually come down to your taste there are definitely a few factors to consider!


The Main Differences: Halo vs Solitaire Ring

Halo Rings
•Cost for ring setting usually higher due to extra small diamonds required
•Overall look of diamond ring is bigger
•More WOW factor for your money due to the halo of small diamonds around your centre diamond
•Design is not as flexible in styling as the solitaire ranges
•Slightly less design options to choose from when considering your wedding bands




Solitaire Rings
•Low setting cost so more budget for diamond
•Unlike the halo one needs to go for a bigger centre diamond to get to a similar size look when compared to a halo
•Many design styles available to choose from
•Matching wedding bands are easy to find.

WOW factor of the halo ring

Considering that some of these cost as little as R8000 for all natural diamonds set in a selection of golds it can be seen why the halo is such a popular choice. The same budget in a solitaire simply cannot compete with these!

Halo Solitaire Engagement Rings

TIMELESS class of the solitaire ring

Simply said the solitaire ring is still the most iconic and timeless setting. Irrespective how you set the centre diamond or which styling you decide on, the solitaire remains iconic in our eyes. Many in the diamond industry believe that a beautiful diamond deserves a simple solitaire setting to let the diamond do the talking!

Halo Solitaire Engagement Rings

In Conclusion

We love them both and preference definitely has a role to play here. We do however believe that if you have an exceptionally stunning diamond go with the solitaire and allow the diamond to shine! However if you are looking to dazzle and you want there to be WOW factor at first sight then consider the halo! To draw a direct comparison have a look at the image shown here where a solitaire 1ct diamond ring is placed next to a 0,5ct halo diamond ring.


Irrespective of your choice we are happy to consult and guide you further on this very special choice and time in your life!


Halo Solitaire Engagement Rings
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