If you’re looking to buy diamonds in Cape Town then you’re in luck. There are few places in the world so perfectly positioned to offer unique, high-quality diamonds at affordable prices.

Cape Town is not a mining city – but its cosmopolitan culture, rich natural beauty, and relative proximity to South Africa’s top diamond mines have made it a mecca for diamond buyers. Our privileged position in the world of diamonds can be traced back to a few turning points in South Africa’s history. Here are a few facts about South Africa’s diamond heritage:

The beginning

In 1867, Erasmus Jacobs found South Africa’s first diamond at the age of fifteen while wandering the banks of the Orange River  The discovery of this diamond, later named Eureka, kickstarted what was to become a bonafide diamond rush in South Africa.

By 1869, diamond fever was in the air and diamonds were being found in several places in South Africa.

Diamonds in Cape Town
Diamonds in Cape Town

The age of diamonds

The discovery of the Kimberley diamond deposits in 1871 saw a massive increase in mining in Southern Africa. To give an idea of just how important Kimberley was for the diamond trade – at this time Kimberley was responsible for ninety-five percent of the world’s diamonds.

The figures of Cecil John Rhodes and Barney Barnato emerged as major players on the diamond scene, with Rhodes eventually buying out Barnato to create De Beers Consolidated Mines, the world’s most famous diamond company.

The future

Today Cape Town is at the forefront of diamond innovation. New cuts of diamond, such as the Cross Cut Collection, are pushing the boundaries of how diamonds are perceived by a whole new generation of diamond buyers and are taking the culture and appreciation of these special stones into the 21st Century.

If you are looking for diamonds in Cape Town, make sure to pop by our showroom and obtain your piece of history.

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