The Cross Cut Collection is The Diamond Shoppe’s new premier collection of diamond rings that features the unique Cross Cut ™  diamonds.

The Cross Cut is an innovative new cushion cut design that is available exclusively at The Diamond Shoppe and is the result of a wealth of experience in local and international jewellery design. This exclusive range is designed to bring the timeless beauty of diamonds into the modern era and features six unique pieces that encompass an entire spectrum of style and taste.

The six exquisite pieces that make up the collection are:

Chenin Cushion Cut Pave Ring

The Chenin is an elegant masterpiece with a simple symmetry that allows the diamond to take centre stage. Small diamonds have been set on either side of the ring’s shank to add an extra layer of sparkle to the ring design.

Vintage Coronet Cushion Cut Ring

The Vintage Coronet is a classic style that evokes the rich history of diamonds with a contemporary feel. A balanced display of marquise and round shapes have been incorporated into the ring’s shank design to accentuate the vintage feel.

Floral Cushion Cut Ring

For those that appreciate fine attention to detail, the Floral Cushion Cut Ring combines rose and white gold with a setting of small diamonds to create a piece that really shines.

Vintage Wreath Cushion Cut Ring

The Vintage Wreath is a manifestation of the ageless style of the past. This elegance is brought to the forefront by a setting that suggests timeless splendour with a detailed gallery composed of rose gold, offset by the white gold of the ring’s shank.

Black Diamond Cushion Cut Halo Ring

The Black Diamond Cushion Cut Halo Ring draws the eye with its high-contrast design. Black diamonds form a halo that makes the central stone really stand out – and combined with the white gold it’s a show-stopper.

Vintage Floral Champagne Cushion Cut Ring

The Vintage Floral Champagne Cushion Cut Ring is a richly extravagant ring that is softened by the intricate floral design. An eye-catching piece, this ring is a daring instant classic. Set with the largest of the Cross Cut diamonds, this ring’s 3.00 carat diamond really stands out in the yellow gold ring gallery.

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