South Africa and diamonds are an incredible duo that go back generations. From the splendour of the Cullinan diamond to the spectacular Tiffany Yellow Diamond, the country has a history of producing some of the most iconic diamonds ever known. But, the world’s concept of diamonds is changing and Cape Town is at the forefront of redefining South Africa’s place in the industry.

Innovation Is Key

History has always been a part of the diamond trade, but innovation is what is taking diamonds into the 21st century. The Diamond Shoppe has always understood that precious stones have an important symbolic value in our culture but the team has never been content with just sitting back and doing the same thing year after year.

Yes, diamonds are forever – but techniques for designing, cutting, polishing and setting stones have advanced dramatically. These advances have allowed for incredible innovation and have set the scene for the creation of some incredible pieces.

The Cross Cut Collection

The Cross Cut Collection is a culmination of decades of experience in the diamond industry. The unique cushion cut diamond design maximises a stone’s natural sparkle, creating a unique and timeless feel.

The Collection consists of six spectacular rings that have been carefully crafted to stay true to the classic nature of diamonds while bringing them firmly into the 21st century. Each ring evokes a different feeling, and the Collection as a whole is intended to be representative of the entire range of experience that a high-quality diamond can create.

In the spirit of bringing this unique Collection to the word, the Diamond Shoppe is running a Cross Cut Collection Competition – where a lucky social media follower can win one of the rings in the Collection. Explore the pieces in the collection Here, understand what makes it unique, and then choose your favourite for a chance of winning. Follow our Facebook or Instagram and comment on the competition posts to complete the entry process.

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