Family trades are starting to become a thing of the past. Which is sad because knowledge that is generated over a lifetime is lost unless it can be passed on.

The Cross family trade

The Cross family trade is diamonds and that knowledge will continue to be passed on for generations. For over sixty years this family has worked to create a unique body of knowledge that infuses everything that they do. This family knowledge is something that cannot exactly be communicated. It’s a feeling, a unique appreciation of the sparkle—both of the diamonds themselves and the emotion they invoke.

Creating remarkable diamonds requires decades of experience and a technical understanding of both the properties of these stones and the major technological advances that have been made in diamond cutting. A deep understanding and appreciation of how raw stones are turned into works of art is something that keeps the family motivated to continue innovating.

But the true beauty in diamonds lies not only in their geometric perfection but also in the human emotion that they communicate. They are symbols of love, desire, commitment and are an integral part of the significant rituals and rites of passage of many cultures.

The diamonds on display at The Diamond Shoppe are the Cross family knowledge made visible, a physical manifestation of decades of work between father and son in understanding this intermingling of technical knowledge and human emotion.

Every aspect of The Diamond Shoppe is infused with this unique knowledge—from the desk of the diamantaire to the factory floor to the showroom and Diamond Bar. The unifying theme across the business has always been to create and share that sparkle with the client.

The business operates in a socially and economically responsible manner, and continues to innovate, exploring new frontiers and exceeding expectations. True to these values, they aspire to offer a world class quality product and service at a reasonable price.


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