Did you know that Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a cushion cut diamond ring?

A cushion cut is a modular square/rectangle with rounded corners, and there’s a very good reason why a Royal would choose this particular cut of diamond. It has a classic, vintage feel and, although a traditional cushion cut generally has less brilliance than a round cut diamond, they generally have better fire – a term used for the rainbows of light created in diamonds.

But what Prince Harry didn’t know is that there is a way to cut a diamond that allows a cushion cut diamond to retain both brilliance and fire.

Introducing the Cross Cut Collection

The Cross Cut Collection is an exclusive cushion cut design with features not found in any other style or cut of diamond.

This unique cut is the brainchild of master diamantaire and founder of the Diamond Shoppe, Stanley Cross. It is the result of decades of experience in the diamond industry and a deeply-held desire to innovate an entirely new type of diamond that combines the brilliance of a round cut, with the size, shape and fire of a cushion cut.

Drawing on the Cross family values of elegance and precision, Stanley worked to create the Cross Cut as a one-of-a-kind product.

A Cross Cut ™ diamond:

1.Has 72 facets
2.Sparkles with the brilliance of a round cut diamond
3.Offers incredible value for money
4.Is available exclusively at The Diamond Shoppe

The Cross Cut Collection is a new range of diamond engagement rings housing one of five of these unique pieces of art. When asked about how he feels about finally reaching the pinnacle of his expedition to create a new diamond cut, Stanley Cross is philosophical; “it’s a joy to be able to offer clients the opportunity to embark on the journey of a lifetime with a truly unique gift of love and purity of spirit.” That’s what the Cross Cut Collection is all about.

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