Hearing somebody speak about something they are truly passionate about is a remarkable thing. Not only does it give you insight into a new realm of knowledge – passion is also contagious. Hearing somebody wax lyrical about something that they love makes you love it too.

Such is the experience of hearing Devlin Filmalter, diamantaire and factory manager at The Diamond Shoppe, speak about diamonds. Within a minute you are introduced to a whole new vocabulary of gem-related words and taken on a whirlwind tour of everything that goes into cutting and polishing a diamond.

Here’s all you can discover on The Diamond Shoppe factory tour:

1. Diamond polishers are artists. We assume that the cutting and polishing of diamonds is a purely functional affair – something that is done by computers. But behind every beautiful diamond, there is a whole team of people who have envisioned, planned and then transformed a raw rock into a perfect piece of geometry.

2. The way a diamond is cut can drastically alter not only the way it looks but it can also have an impact on the diamond’s value. The process of deciding the cut is fascinating – using a blend of high-tech gadgetry and the practised eye of an expert –this makes visiting the factory a worthwhile experience.

3. Young, passionate people are innovating and taking the age-old art of the diamantaire in to the 21st century. And it’s very exciting.

Don’t be put off by the rarified air that makes diamond sellers seem inaccessible to the average person. The Diamond Shoppe has made it their mission to bring diamonds and the incredible art that goes into them to everyone.

The factory tour is an incredibly worthwhile experience and will give you a real insight into how a billion year old piece of carbon rock pulled from the earth can be turned into a diamond masterpiece.

Book an appointment, and come on a guided tour of this state-of-the-art diamond cutting factory and visit the unique showroom.

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