Tanzanite JewelleryNamed after its country of origin, Tanzanite is a rare gemstone that is only found in one place on earth – Tanzania. Discovered in 1967 in the Arusha region of Tanzania, this exceptionally beautiful and exceedingly rare blue gemstone is only found within a 14 square kilometre mining area near the Merelani Hills of Tanzania. The gemstone is noted for its ability to exhibit several colours simultaneously, including blue, violet and burgundy in varying intensity depending on the crystal structure of the particular stone. This allows for the ability to create a beautiful array of Tanzanite Jewellery that displays a range of different colours from light blues and lilacs to deep indigos and violets. When cut with excellence and precision, this spectrum of colour may be observed at its maximum intensity when the gemstone is viewed from different perspectives.

Tanzanite StonesThe loose Tanzanite used in the creation of our Tanzanite jewellery is exclusively selected from the top 10% of Tanzanite stones available on the market. As part of our focus, we offer maximum brilliance and richness of colour from sourced Tanzanite. With the combined effort of highly experienced cutters, and an exceptionally talented team of jewellery designers, we strive to merge the brilliance of Tanzanite gemstones with bespoke jewellery designs in order to provide a first class product of a world class standard. The Diamond Shoppe offers an exquisite selection of Tanzanite Jewellery as well as the most premium grade loose Tanzanite Cape Town has to offer. Shop the Most Exquisite Tanzanite Jewellery in Cape Town All Tanzanite gemstones available at The Diamond Shoppe are hand-picked and have been exclusively sourced, certified and crafted – offering you a piece of unsurpassed beauty and peace of mind in your investment. View our collection of Tanzanite jewellery here. Visit Cape Town’s most exclusive jewellery showroom and shop the most exquisite, classic collection of Tanzanite jewellery Cape Town has to offer.

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